When I was in sixth grade, I watched a movie that changed my life, Food Inc. I believe every living creature has the right to live a happy life. I believe everything has a purpose, and I will not even kill a bug. The movie Food Inc. shows how animals are treated in the meat industry. Animals are kept in tiny spaces where they can’t even turn around, and are forced to live in filthy conditions. I could not believe humans would treat living creature like that.

Many people turn their heads the other way and pretend nothing bad is happening in the meat industry , but I am not one of those people. As soon as I watch the movie, I became vegetarian, and have been for five years. I told many of my friends about the movie and they also became vegetarian.

Vegetarianism also helps the environment. Much of the grains fed to livestock could be eaten directly by humans, therefore feeding more people and making world hunger less of a problem. My goal in life is to make this happen!